LEGO Ulysses spacecraft MOC instructions for free – Update: Order your Printed Plaque now!

Update (May 12): You can now order the printed plaque for our Ulysses MOC from JB Spielwaren in Germany. The price is 3.99 Euro, which covers our printing costs for the piece. If you are missing a shipping option to your country, please try to contact JB Spielwaren or us in the comments. We will do our best to make shipping to you possible.

Right now, the plaque can only be pre-ordered and we are planning to ship the parts by August at the latest, but we hope to finalize the whole thing sooner. And you can only order the plaque until May 17th. We will be producing as many plaques as ordered.


The printed plaque

Original article (April 16): During the recent “sales launch” of the LEGO 5006744 Ulysses spacecraft in the VIP rewards center, the frustration among LEGO fans was justifiably great, as a large number of fans went away empty-handed. Hundreds of fans, blog owners and other voices in the community (rightly) voiced loud and clear criticism towards LEGO, and The LEGO Group even put out a statement.

We wanted to go one step further and so Jonas worked two night shifts and built the (in our opinion) much nicer and easy to rebuild Ulysses space probe, so we can give you the instructions for it today – for free. All necessary parts can be ordered via the Bricks & Pieces Service at LEGO.

Please note: This article was written in German and later translated to English. The parts list for the model was also designed looking at the availability of certain bricks for the German Bricks & Pieces service. The availability of parts may vary from one country to another, but currently at least in the United States everything should be available as well.

The model of the Ulysses space probe

Jonas MOC of the Ulysses consists of 291 parts including the presentation stand and thus consists of more parts than the official model from LEGO. The Ulysses including the drive unit is 22 cm (8.6 inches) long and measures about 6.5 cm (2.6 inches) in diameter. With its stand, the entire model is 17 cm (6.7 inches) high.

Because of the stand and the plaque (why it is still without imprint, you can read more about it below), you can present the model uniformly together with the LEGO Space Shuttle. Alternatively, our Ulysses should also fit into the cargo hold of the shuttle.

LEGO Ulysses Modell mit Ständer

The entire model is based on the original NASA drawings.

LEGO Ulysses Slider 1LEGO Ulysses Slider 2

Like the real thing, the actual probe can be separated from the giant drive unit.

LEGO Ulysses Moc Anleitung Sonde

Our instructions

You can download the instructions for the set as a PDF file here. The PDF is about 9MB in size, contains a total of 69 building steps and is 33 pages long. Of course, the PDF also contains a list of the parts used, but below we also have a digital parts list for you, which makes sourcing the parts extremely easy.

LEGO Ulysses Space Probe Anleitung

Our instructions for the LEGO Ulysses Space Probe as MOC are and will remain free of charge and may of course be shared everywhere. Of course, other bloggers, Youtubers or forum members are welcome to share the tutorial, as long as you refer to StoneWars or this blog post here as the source for the instructions! 🙂

Parts list and costs

You can download the parts list as an XML file here. The ZIP file contains two lists, one for the whole model and one for the model without the stand.

All parts can be ordered at LEGO’s Bricks & Pieces Service (at least thats the case in Germany). Of course you can also get the bricks for the model from another source of your choice or use elements from your own collection. If you order the parts via the Bricks & Pieces Service, we would be happy if you use our affiliate link to the LEGO online store.

(🇦🇹 | 🇨🇭 | 🇳🇱 | 🇺🇸 | 🇮🇹 | 🇬🇧 | 🇫🇷 | 🇩🇰 | 🇧🇪 | 🇨🇦 | 🇪🇸 | 🇸🇪 | 🇫🇮 | 🇳🇴)

Let’s move on to the approximate cost of acquiring the bricks. If you want to build the entire model including the stand and order the parts via the Brick & Pieces Service, you currently have to reckon with costs of $60,19 US.

Especially the many parts in metallic gold were ordered by our readers a few months ago for extremely cheap prices at the Bricks & Pieces Service, so that some of them might have the appropriate supplies at home, which make the building of our LEGO Ulysses probe much cheaper.

We have included the entire parts list as a table:

BildAnzahlBrickLink FarbeTeilenummerPreis
5Dark Bluish Gray60394790,2€
1Dark Bluish Gray62254940,06€
1Dark Bluish Gray42273980,17€
1Dark Tan61327900,12€
2Dark Tan62104950,11€
2Dark Tan60474150,08€
9Dark Tan45286040,07€
1Dark Tan63108330,2€
4Dark Tan62754850,12€
3Dark Tan62501680,1€
3Flat Silver60209900,23€
1Light Bluish Gray62538560,15€
5Light Bluish Gray60436560,17€
2Light Bluish Gray61791860,08€
3Light Bluish Gray61166080,05€
4Light Bluish Gray42114450,1€
1Light Bluish Gray42116220,05€
1Light Bluish Gray42114870,56€
1Light Bluish Gray42118620,13€
1Light Bluish Gray42118150,07€
2Light Bluish Gray62675870,21€
3Light Bluish Gray45153510,2€
2Light Bluish Gray45394810,05€
8Light Bluish Gray63260780,18€
1Medium Nougat63131320,2€
2Metallic Gold62945510,57€
4Metallic Gold62652470,36€
1Metallic Gold62656011,15€
15Metallic Gold62945041,37€
6Metallic Gold62944920,26€
4Pearl Gold62621380,18€
4Pearl Gold45231590,04€
1Pearl Gold61096850,27€

Modifications and upgrades

For the instructions we made sure that all parts are available at LEGO Bricks & Pieces. With some additional modifications you can get even more details out of our model of the Ulysses. Either you already have them in your collection – which is not unlikely for many StoneWars readers – or you get them at BrickLink or when they become available at S&T.

Flag of the United States

LEGO Space Ulysses Moc Anleitung 2

In the instructions at step 31, several Tile 1×2 Modified Grill are installed. For our product photos, we have already replaced one of these parts with a printed 1×2 tile with the USA flag. If you have the small flag in your collection you can immediately install it there.

Lightsaber handles

LEGO Ulysses Moc Anleitung Sonde Metallic Silver

In step 62 lightsaber handles in Light Bluish Grey are installed. The probe can be upgraded even more with handles in Metallic Silver. Since lightsaber handles are included as spare parts in many Star Wars sets, they should be available in many collections. You can also replace theLight Bluish Grey rod with an antenna in Metallic Silver (6051882 ).

Golden rim

LEGO Space Ulysses Moc Anleitung 7

Originally, a rim in Metallic Gold was planned for the drive unit. Unfortunately, this is currently not available at Bricks & Pieces, which is why Jonas switched to a similar part in Pearl Gold. However, the Metallic Gold rim (6294526 ) was available very cheap at B&P in the past, so that both the dealers’ stocks at BrickLink are full and certainly many of our readers have far more than one of these golden rims left.

If you have the matching rim, you can make the following change in step 68. We don’t have the parts needed for this in the parts list, but they should be in almost every collection anyway. The colors of the parts don’t matter because they won’t be visible later anyway.

LEGO Space Ulysses Moc Anleitung 12

Want a printed badge?

The instructions also include a stand for the Ulysses, which also includes a plaque. Of course, you can simply omit the stand and the plaque (as mentioned above, we have also created an alternative parts list for this) and display the space probe without the stand, for example in combination with the LEGO Space Shuttle.

However, we also wanted to give you the possibility to add a nice nameplate to your Ulysses. In our instructions and in the pictures here in the blog post, the black plate is still unprinted. However, we are working hard to offer you a cool printed plate, but first we want to clarify the rights to the logos with NASA and ESA, which unfortunately was not possible in the last 48 hours.

If we don’t get permission for the logos for this purpose, we would like to offer you another cool printed plaque, which you can attach to our Ulysses (or of course to another rebrick of the spacecraft). We don’t want to make any money from selling the brick and are working together with AugustinBrothers for the printing and JB Spielwaren for the logistics.

The price for a printed 6×8 slope would probably be at most 2,49 Euro plus shipping costs in a padded envelope, which would of course vary internationally. As an alternative we will probably

We will give you updates as soon as possible, but we want to check your interest already. Therefore we have built a small survey (of course without any obligation to actually buy something), where we would be very happy about your answers.

Would you buy a printed plaque for our MOC?

  • Yes, I would totally buy it! (70%, 376 Votes)
  • This depends on the look and/or the shipping cost (18%, 97 Votes)
  • A sticker would be enough (10%, 55 Votes)
  • No, I am not interested (2%, 10 Votes)

Anzahl Stimmen: 538

Loading ... Loading ...

Hopefully we will have specific information for you at the beginning of next week. The printing and shipping of the parts could take place with a little bit of luck already in the week after that!

Feedback and conclusion

We hope you like our alternative to the LEGO Ulysses probe and are happy to be able to build a nicer alternative to the absolutely overpriced LEGO model on eBay. We will give you updates on our planned plaque as soon as possible.

For now, we look forward to your feedback on the model in the comments! What do you think about this whole thing? And we don’t usually say this, but we are of course especially happy if you share this post and many fans get something out of the instructions! 🙂

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  1. Wow! – What a fantastic fan service!
    I´m really happy to get a chance of rebricking this awesome set.

  2. the parts needed for alternative version of step 68 from what I can see in the picture:
    new pieces :
    – 1x Tile, Round 1 x 1 with Bar and Pin Holder; 20482
    – 1x Wheel 18mm D. x 14mm with Axle Hole, Fake Bolts and Shallow Spokes; 55982 (color: Metallic Gold)
    Existing pieces in part list:
    – add 1x of Technic, Axle 2 Notched; 32062
    – add 1x of Plate, Round 1 x 1; 4073

  3. In Canada, ordering this from Lego costs: CAD$89.79 including all taxes. Very nice model indeed (more accurate that Lego’s one); now, do I want to spend that much money on a ‘sideshow Bob’? Thanks for the model!

    • Okay, this is more expensive than we thought. Maybe you can try to get some of the gold parts form Bricklink? They were $0.02 for a long time and many people ordered them and have them piled up…

      • Finally, I decided to order the kit anyway (~CAD$90). Compared to the original source, your rendition is so much better. Now I have to find the flag and the silver light sabers. The saga continue… I decided to do that because in the last few years, Lego pissed me off so much and so often that my regular consumption of Lego sets dwindled to almost nothing so I guess I can afford to splurge on items that I really want. I will eagerly be awaiting for your plaque design – hopefully it won’t be too expensive to send across the pond!

  4. LOVE THIS! Many thanks to these genius for doing this. I did look into the US PAB and was ready to order them. some of them are out of stock on US lego website (parts 379501 & 6326078). As I proceed to checkout the website crashed and the shopping cart was empty…. grrrr it takes about 30 minutes to feed all the info to the cart. will try again later. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for doing this. I would say thousands, not hundreds, of fans like me were devastated by this event. I look forward to getting your ‘kit’.

  6. Ooh this looks amazing, I was fortunate enough to get Legos version (arriving on Monday) but am keen to build this one

  7. really really appreciated, and managed to discover this replacement bricks function on lego site; as PAB annoyed me very much as never the pieces in colour i wanted and now i know how to get them, also bought pieces for your model, prices was just over 60eu belgium site, thank you again for doing this and indeed is much better model than the VIP freebie one could never get!

  8. I am very excited to build this model! Thank you so much for doing all this hard work! I was tempted to pay the ebay prices for the LEGO VIP model, but kept thinking “why would I pay a small fortune for something that is maybe worth 25 USD and isn’t a quality VIP model”. I sourced all the parts from Bricklink for around 112USD including some intl shipping and upgrading parts (flags/metallic items). My initial estimates were closer to $40 but I upgraded all the used parts to new so it can be a show piece. I am excited to see your printed plate NASA/ESA approved or not. Any chance you can email me when you know your plans?

    PS I will probably print the second page of the instructions in full color and frame it to sit behind the model just so I can tell this story to everyone who sees my Lego gallery. The best models I have are modified or customs! Proud to add you to the list!

  9. Just bricklinked the whole lot including the flag gold and silver parts. Looking forward to building it!

  10. This is great thank you, found all the parts on bricklink for £30 and ordered your model is soooooo much better than the original, thank you for doing this, Lego have seriously pissed me off with the Porsche pack and this promotion I’m ditching Lego online and trying out other block makers like Cobi who are producing great little Eastern European Police vehicles and Tanks

  11. Great design. My only issue, having procured the parts, is at Step 23: on assembly there’s no way to get the 5 ‘panels’ together at the correct angles. Your instructions also show at least two clashes (overlaps of the curved 4 x 1 slopes on neighboring panels). Any thoughts?

    • That step is a bit tricky, that is totally true. The best way is to but together three segments of them on one side and two of them on the other side and then try to put them together. Once most people have their parts here, we will do a live stream on this set to give people a little help with this!

      • It’s more a problem of a clash between the pieces, preventing each segment panel from forming the correct angle relative to it’s neighbor. In the instructions there are at least two points at which neighboring panels clash (i.e. they are shown to overlap with each other).
        Check Step 22, diagram at lower right. The point at which the panels touch at the 4 o’clock and 11 o’clock locations. They don’t just touch but show an overlap with two ‘heel’ of one panel occupying the same space as the ‘toe’ of the other.

        The only way for this to work is to have the ball/socket pieces not fully engaged in the rear of the panel or two file pieces (sacrilege, but needs must).

      • I received my last Bricklink orders today. Step 22 / 23 was almost impossible to do. In the end I managed to get it sort of right, but it’s not entirely symmetric. E.g. the golden curved slopes are more almost out of the circle on one side of the probe and more inside the circle on the other end.
        I finally managed to keep them connected by building the circle with only 1 layer of golden curved slopes and then carefully adding the other two.
        At least on my bricks the ball/socket pieces will not rotate, when you try to put pressure on the golden curved slopes. Instead the golden curved slopes will snap off. They seem to have less friction on the studs than the ball/socket pieces have on their connection. Also their is not much cohesion between the slopes themselves. They are only connected with a 1×3 and that’s quite fragile.
        Nevertheless, after a lot of tries I managed to get it more or less right. I don’t dare to touch it again.
        Definitely a display piece and not something to play with.
        The best I saved for last: it’s really much, much, much better than the promotion set that Lego has put out. I think Lego made a very bad looking set.

  12. First of all le me state the fact: this updated Ulysses version is amazing! Thank you very much for desgining it, I was lucky enough to grab one of the Lego version too, but also decided to build this one as well just because of all the details. A lot of Lego fans (most of them less lucky than me) are very grateful for your work – including me.

    On the other hand I have to say that this is a much more beautiful, but also much less stable version of the Ulysses probe. especially the lover metallic gold section is very fragile, but also if I put it on the stand or place it within the discovery I tend to “break” it, euther one or another part falls off. But for me the biggest problem is also regarding the steps 21-22-23 – I find it simply impossible to perfectly fit every lego piece within this pentagon. And as soon as it’s good enough, it is impossible to fit the top circular layer above them. And as soon as I also manage to do that somehow, the whole cylnder is still very fragile, if I touch it it can move a bit and for the second touch it can just fall apart or misalign fully. Don’t get me wrong, this set design is still amazing, but instead of those steps I think maybe the Lego kind of steps could be used to create a cylinder. Like t
    for the “original” Ulysses, or for the Saturn and Hubble. That version just seem to be more robust to me.

    Anyway, thanks again for designing it, count me in if you plan to assemble it on video – I am very curious about your solution to those tricky steps 🙂

  13. What a great display piece! My Bricklink orders finished arriving today and I’ve built it already. Many thanks for sharing the instructions for free and providing the parts list!

    I have to echo other comments with regards to steps 21 and 22. I don’t think assembling Lego should be that hard. In the end I found I could achieve equal spacing and decent enough rigidity if I connected all the ball and socket pieces together, but with one of the socket pieces not attached to the adjacent gold slopes. This leaves one of the sides a little fragile, which could be reinforced with another 1×3 piece, but I didn’t have to hand. Once its locked into place by the plates above and below all is good!

    • I went back and adjusted things, now all the pieces are connected as per the instructions, although not all are fully pushed down – I don’t think this is actually possible.

  14. Ordered my parts today. Won’t arrive for a while. Made some adjustments with some different parts so hopefully works out. Will post my finished hybrid version when finished if interested. Couldn’t get white plant base for antenna which was annoying.

  15. I think this is a wonderful build! Much better than the original Lego version.
    I tried to order the parts on the Dutch Lego Pick a Brick site but not all pieces where available. So i ordered all parts on BrickLink, also much cheaper than on Lego.
    I also printed out the building instruction on high glossy paper at a local print store.. what is pretty nice result and fun to have with this very nice model.
    Looking forward to receive my ordered parts and start building it…. It would look great together with the new Space Shuttle from Lego. 😀

  16. Just completed it (including the flag and the gold bits). Great build! Yes, steps 21 and 22 are a bit tricky, but definitely doable. Very impressed with the end result.

    • Can you give any better details on how to build these steps? I’ve been stuck for 2 days trying to do this without modifying the pieces.

      • We will do a livestream on the set in the upcoming weeks, maybe we can help you with it then. But I will contact Jonas about this, maybe he can help in the comments. Can you give a little more details on what is not working? 🙂

        • I just cant get the get the pieces to connect. The 15 gold blocks interfere with each other between the 4th and 5th assemblies being connected between steps 21 and 22. Everything just falls apart.

    • I just wanted to say I ordered the pieces for this new approach and it is indeed far easier and much sturdier – I’d recommend making this the default way in the instructions. In the end I omitted the grey piece with the blue technic pin going through (apologies for not knowing the name) as without it allowed for far more even alignment of the gold cylinder. Thanks for sharing, Norman!

    • I received the pieces for this modification today and re-assembled that section. Like you stated above… much easier to build and much more stable. It looks better too. Great work! Thank you very much!

    • Adding to the chorus of thanks for that redesign. Took a bit of a leap of faith to disassemble the pentagon from the already assembled set, but wow what an improvement. Way less afraid to look at the rocket the wrong way for fear of it misaligning or spontaneously self-disassembling. The needed parts were easy to rummage up from my spares bin, instructions were easy to follow. Highly suggest everyone building this MOC to use this method for that section.

  17. It may help because it worked for me… I super glued the gold metallic pieces to the grey joiners and gently joined all five sections together and it looks perfect!

  18. I think I got my order in. Right now my credit card is processing the pay meant.

  19. Bit of a battle with steps 21 & 22. After firing bits over the living room on more than one occasion, connected the ball and sockets outwith the circular white plates and left off the top row gold pieces until a pentagon shape could be attached to the green part from step 18. Omitted the blue pin from step 20 as it was never going to line up with the top circular plates. Added 3 circular 1*1 bricks * 2 high onto the three full circles on the lower plate as seen from above in step 22, one to the left of the blue pin, one to the right of the green top and one in the top right section. These add a bit of a bulkhead to the gold panels and sort of stop accidental squeezing from leading to demolition. I must try out the “Alternative build” idea from N Roldan at some point. Overall a fun, albeit expensive build and many thanks to Lucas for his creation.

  20. Hi, I’m just about finished my build. Waiting on few last parts. Made a couple further mods if you would like to see? I was wondering if it would be possible to make a PDF version of the plaque available for us to print on our own as there is now a long back log. Thanks for the awesome build.

  21. Super disappointed to have missed the printed plaque sale. I had been checking regularly since you added the instructions and I ordered the parts on Bricklink and built the Ulysses. I even managed to build the tricky golden drum. I was on vacation over the last week and missed the sale. I’m disappointed it was only up for 5 days. Any chance of more being available?

  22. Sorry to all of those who missed the preorder! I suggest we will do this the following way: We will print the Plaque in the numbers that have been ordered. Some people will probably cancel their orders by then, which should lead to a few plaques being in stock, which we will sell. We will announce this on Instagram and on and

    We will also release the printing files here soon, so that anybody can print this plaque in the country they are living, since most countries should have brick printing services I guess.

  23. I missed the ordering window for the plaque. I got the last of my pieces today and am ready to build. I bought the plain brick and am HIGHLY interested in the print file for the plaque.

  24. I received all of my parts yesterday and built it last night. It looks really good. Getting the gold cylinder lined up was quite the challenge. I saw Norman Roldan’s modification above and have ordered the necessary parts. Hoping that it makes that section a bit more secure and stable. Thanks to everyone involved.

  25. Hello,

    I missed the deadline for the Ulysses printed plaque. Is there anyway I can order one?


  26. Love this MOC so much more than the official Lego release, looks so much more realistic and looks even better displayed on my shelf beside the ISS and soon the Space Shuttle Discovery. Did find steps 21 and 22 frustrating but followed N Roldan’s Alt Build for this section and perfect! I have no fear of breathing on it and watching it spontaneously explode 🤯!
    I think it cost me about $30 Australian to build as we have a place here in Queensland where you can rummage through containers upon containers of bricks for what you need and they sell by weight (which is amazing and you just loose track of time when hunting for elusive bricks!) but I did have to get the metallic gold bricks off BrickLink.
    But love your work guys and would love to see more amazing space builds from you in the future!

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